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American Gods, some re-reads, looking for some manga

CoverIs this turning into a summer of re-reads, again? Perhaps. I was in a bit of a book blah, where nothing was keeping my attention. The English Patient? Beautiful, haunting, heart breaking, but too depressing to read when I've been in such a good mood lately. Perdido Street Station? Also beautiful, haunting, and a little heartbreaking, but too drug trippy.  Dan Brown's Angels & Demons?  Eh, I recently saw the movie so I know what happens at the end. What to read on a hot summer's day? Gaiman? Manga?

I finished Neil Gaiman's American Gods and love love loved it. I read this book a few years ago, and it is 100 times better the second time around, not in spite of but because you know what's going to happen at the end. In fact, i might go read it again.

I'm still looking for a new Manga series to grab me, so i've been getting the first two volumes of random manga from the library. We'll throw some stuff at the wall and see what sticks.

King of Hell by Ra In-Soo, was suprisingly, a comedy. But not a very good one. Lightly amusing, but artwork left something to be desired. Majeh is a servant of hell, and part of his job is to escort new souls to the underworld. Sarcasm abounds, which i appreciated. Soon Majeh is sent on a quest to banish all evil spirits from his plane. much monster fighting ensues. Is this manga more than just swordfights?

D Gray Man by by Katsura Hoshino. Also a bit of a comedy, but more the dark Trinity Blood type of comedy (as in, not). The steampunk elements of D Gray Man are very cool, and the bad guy, the Millenium Earl is creepily awesome, I shall have to track down some more of this. Main character is Allen, a blonde teenager (who is a carbon copy of Edward Elric, and that is just weird!!) who is an exorcist. Allen has a metal cross burned into his disfigured hand, which makes him a natural adept for exorcisms. After the first 2 volumes I can tell you it's good, but odd. possibly odder than gooder.

Shutterbox, by Tavisha Simons and Rikki Simons.  It's by Americans!  How weird! Megan just graduated high school and can't decide what she wants to do with her life. Work? University? Community college? She doesn't really care.  When she dreams, she ends up at Merridiah University, a sort of multiverse university for the dead who are trained to become muses. Megan has been chosen to be a "Shutterbox exchange student," where she can be a mortal attending the school (and occasionally wake up back in the real world). A little gothica, a little St Lunatic High, this one's got some potential.


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