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The Alternative Reality Web Zine

Support ARWZ

You can help us keep ARWZ Magazine up and running, and allow us to offer new features and reach new goals. There are a variety of ways to lend ARWZ financial, many of which won't leave your wallet any slimmer than usual. If you're a regular visitor, looking to pitch in, please continue reading below. If you're in purchasing advertising space on ARWZ, please visit our Advertising page for more information on ad space locations and advertising packages offered by ARWZ.com.

Funds earned through ARWZ Magazine go first to pay the basic operating costs of the Magazine.

Whatever is earned over and beyond our operating costs goes into a fund toward our long-range goal of offering our contributors a professional level of compensation. Professional rates are, for example, $0.05 per word for fiction. It may not seem like much when you're looking at the change in your pocket, but figure an average short story of 5,000 words, and you'll realize how quickly it adds up. Lending your support to ARWZ financially will help us realize our goal of growing into a professional literary magazine. The ability of ARWZ to pay professional rates means higher quality fiction, poetry and articles.

How can you help? There are a few ways currently available for you to contribute financially to ARWZ. The good news is, most of them don't involve your spending any money you wouldn't have parted with anyway.


ARWZ is an affliate of Amazon.com and its international stores, as well as independent bookseller Clarkesworldbooks.com, which means that we earn referral fees for all purchases made at these sellers when you click through the links we provide to them here at ARWZ. You can support ARWZ simply by using our Search Boxes to make online purchases you would have made anyway. You will find Search Boxes for Amazon USA, UK, Canada, Germany and France under our Table of Contents on the left side of every page. Next time, instead of going straight to Amazon, use an ARWZ Search Box. All purchases resulting directly from our Search Boxes earn a referral fee for ARWZ. Simply going through our Search Boxes first, to get to the Amazon items you would buy anyway, puts ARWZ Magazine closer to reaching our goals.


As I explained above, ARWZ is an associate of Amazon.com and Clarkesworldbooks.com. But Search Boxes aren't the only way to lend us financial support. In many places, all over ARWZ Literary Zine, you will find direct links wherever a published work is cited. You will also find direct links to our favorite authors in the ARWZ Book Store. By clicking through that direct link from ARWZ to purchase an item of interest, you will earn even more referral fees to support this magazine. All referral fees earned from Search Boxes and Links will be invested back into ARWZ. It will go first toward our basic expenses, such as domain registration and webhosting costs. After the basics are covered, funds will be allocated for paying writers of fiction and poetry. Remaining funding will be allocated to pay for articles and for our guest editors.

All materials on these pages (including fiction, poetry, essays, articles, interviews and opinion pieces) are copyrighted to the original authors and may not be reproduced without permission.

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