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The Alternative Reality Web Zine

Contact Information

If you would like to contact ARWZ Literary Zine for whatever reason, we ask that you please follow our system of email tagging so that your correspondence does not get lost and so that we can answer any questions or queries promptly. All correspondence for ARWZ Magazine editors (such as submissions and queries) should be sent to editors@arwz.com.

For any GENERAL QUESTIONS, COMMENTS, or SUGGESTIONS for ARWZ editors, please use the "COMMENT:" tag in the subject line of your email message. These are inquiries unrelated to submissions of writing for publication. Please format the subject line of your email as follows:
COMMENT: Subject of Your Message

MAILING LIST: If you would like to subscribe to ARWZ Magazine, please join our mailing list. Subscription is free. At the end of every month, subscribers will receive through email a summary of our new content and links to each new article published that month. For your free subscription, please send a blank email to arwz-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. An email message with further instructions will follow.

ARWZ welcomes LETTERS TO THE EDITOR commenting on our Editorials, or any of our features. If you would like to write a Letter to the Editor to be published on our Editorials page, please use the following tag for the subject line of your email:
SUB: LETTER: Re: What you are writing about

If you use this subject line, ARWZ editors will presume you want the letter to be published. If you want to make a comment not for publication, please follow the instructions in first entry above regarding GENERAL COMMENTS, QUESTIONS and SUGGESTIONS. Please note that Letters to the Editor may be edited prior to publication for length, spelling or obvious grammar goofs. Writers of Letters to the Editor will NOT get a final pass before their letter is published.

For any QUESTIONS or QUERY LETTERS regarding the submission of writing for publication, please use the "QUERY:" tag in the subject of your email message. If you're asking a question about our submissions process, please format the subject line of your email as follows:
QUERY: Topic of your Question

For sending Query Letters, please use one of the following (specific to your type of query) tags:
QUERY: ARTICLE: Proposed Subject of Article
QUERY: CONTEST: Subject of Your Question
QUERY: INTERVIEW: Proposed Subject of Interview
QUERY: FICTION: Serializing My Novelette (or Novella)

For all SUBMISSIONS, please make sure you read the Submission Guidelines and format your submission accordingly before you send it. When you are ready to send your submission for publication, please use one of the following (appropriate to your submission) tags:
SUB: ARTICLE: Your Article's Title
SUB: EDITORIAL: Your Editorial's Title
SUB: FICTION: Your Story's Title
SUB: POETRY: Your Poem's Title
SUB: REVIEW: Subject of Your Review
Please note, submissions for our Fiction and Poetry Contests must use a different subject line. Otherwise we will presume that you are submitting simply for publication, not to be entered in the contest. For contest entries, please use the following tags for submissions:

All correspondence (including submissions, comments and queries) should be sent by email to editors@arwz.com.

All materials on these pages (including fiction, poetry, essays, articles, interviews and opinion pieces) are copyrighted to the original authors and may not be reproduced without permission.

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