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The Alternative Reality Web Zine

Author Q&A

UPCOMING Q&A SESSIONS: Kate Elliott 10/17/06 thru 10/23/06

ARWZ Magazine periodically invites authors and other literary professionals to to participate in scheduled Q&A sessions on our Community Forums. Q&A sessions will be held in their own forum, and cross-posted to the main Alternative Reality Fiction forum. Q&A sessions open for a minimum of one week. Q&A subjects answer questions posted by our readers and visitors throughout the week, at least once a day for the duration of the session. Participants need not be familiar with a certain author's work to ask questions - we invite general questions on alternative reality fiction, writing, and working in the literary field. Q&A sessions sometimes last longer than a week if subjects elect a longer session. Q&A sessions allow authors to make contact with existing fans and reach new fans within their wider target audience. Once complete, Q&A topics are archived on the forums and a transcript published on ARWZ Magazine. To inquire about setting up a Q&A with ARWZ readers, please write to editors@arwz.com, subject line "ATTN: Q&A Request". To see what Q&A's we have coming up on ARWZ, or to read the archives of recently completed Q&A's, please read on...

Kate Elliott is going to be available here on the ARWZ Community Forums to answer your questions. This Q&A will be open starting October 17, 2006 and ending October 23, 2006 EST. Once this Q&A has closed, it will be compiled into a transcript by our editors and published as an article on ARWZ Magazine.

Elliott is the author of the science fiction series Jaran and the fantasy series Crown of Stars. If you're interested in finding out more about Elliott, please feel free to check out our interview with this author.

You needn't be familiar with Elliott's work to participate in this Q&A, though specific questions on her stories, concepts and characters are most welcome from anyone who has read her writing. If you haven't had the chance to check out her novels, though, please feel free to ask Ms. Elliott questions non-specific to her work. Questions about her opinions on issues and trends in contemporary fiction, on writing craft and technique, or even casual chat about books, films and other topics we typically discuss on ARWZ are most welcome.

If you would like to ask Ms. Elliott a question, please feel free to jump right in:


There are no limit to the number of questions that you can ask Ms. Elliott, but be aware that if there are a large number of questions, time constraints may limit the author's ability to answer them all. Likewise, you may feel free to ask any follow-up questions to Elliott's answers; she will be happy to answer them as long as her schedule permits. New questions will get priority over follow-ups. Our author also reserves the right not to answer any questions she finds inappropriate or objectionable.

If you have any questions about Q&A procedure, format, etc., please click here. All questions for the author must be posted using this link or by clicking on "Post a Question" above.

Jennifer Fallon Q&A transcript coming soon...

10/10/06 ARCHIVED Q&A: David Thomas Lord (7/25/06 to 8/1/06)

7/4/06 ARCHIVED Q&A: John Shors (6/6/06 to 6/12/06)

3/28/06 ARCHIVED Q&A: Tim Lebbon (2/28/06 to 3/6/06)

4/11/06 ARCHIVED Q&A: Christopher Golden (3/7/06 to 3/13/06)

All materials on these pages (including fiction, poetry, essays, articles, interviews and opinion pieces) are copyrighted to the original authors and may not be reproduced without permission.

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