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The Alternative Reality Web Zine

For Authors & Publishers

ARWZ offers a number of resources for authors and their publishers. One of the foremost goals of ARWZ Magazine is to provide a platform for the voices of fans and writers, and that mission does not end once a writer is published. We seek contributions and opinions from published authors, and in turn gladly provide an opportunity to promote your publications. After all, making fans aware of new fiction they may enjoy is another of our most important goals.

REVIEWS: ARWZ Editors base their reading lists and review schedules on a number of factors, including our own finds, availability of materials, and recommendations from members of our associate pages. We are happy to add your book(s) to our reading list upon request. If you have an upcoming release, we are willing to coordinate publication of our review with the release of your book if we can fit it into our reading and publication schedule. ARWZ Editors, of course, cannot guarantee a favorable review. However, we consider ourselves a writer-friendly magazine. This means that we do not approach reviews looking to criticize, rather we approach them looking to assess a book's value for the intended audience, even if we don't happen to be members of that audience. Keep in mind also that one of our goals at ARWZ is to promote quality, character-driven fiction, and we will assess books in light of that goal. Above all, we take seriously the task of giving all books a fair treatment. Publishers interested in sending us ARCs and review copies of already released books should contact our senior editor, S.K. Slevinski for more information on where to send them. We accept both books and audiobooks for review. In fact, audiobook reviews are one of our specialties, and if the book for review is available on audio, that is our preferred format (the return of review copies of audiobooks can be arranged if needed). If you are an author and wish to arrange a review of your book, we encourage you to contact us directly. Email us at editors@arwz.com, subject line "ATTN: Review Request" and we will assign your book to an editor or regular reviewer who handles your type of material. Please note, because of the tightness of our reading schedule and the limited availablity of publishing slots, we can no longer accept self-published books for review. Books submitted to ARWZ for review must be produced by peer review publications, even if they are small press. Books published through POD, author-funded and liberally-inclusive publishers such as Lulu, PublishAmerica or AuthorHouse are considered "self-published".

INTERACTIVE Q & A: ARWZ Magazine invites interested authors and other professionals in the business of writing and publishing to participate in scheduled Q&A sessions on our Community Forums. Q&A sessions will be open for a minimum of a week. As Q&A subject, you will be expected to answer questions posted by our members at least once a day for the duration of the Q&A session. A username will be provided for you. Q&A sessions can last longer than a week if you wish to make the committment to answering questions for a longer period of time. Q&A sessions allow authors to make contact with existing fans and reach new fans within their wider target audience. Once complete, Q&A topics will be archived on the forums and a transcript will be published on ARWZ Magazine. We typically like to coordinate the publication of a review or other article relating to the Q&A subject with the opening of the Q&A, so you may be asked to provide our editors with a review copy of your book or other relevant materials. To inquire about setting up a Q&A with ARWZ readers, please write to editors@arwz.com, subject line "ATTN: Q&A Request"

INTERVIEWS: Interviews on ARWZ are by invitation only. If you would like to be interviewed by ARWZ Magazine, the first step is to request a review of your book. Our current policy is to initiate the interview process only after we have published a review of one or more of your books. The reviewer in most cases will be the interviewer. You may, when requesting a review of your book, indicate to our editors that you would be willing to set up an interview pending the results of the review. If you are a publisher seeking to send review copies and wish to encourage us to interview your authors, please provide author contact information in the form of email addresses. See the information above on Review Requests to initiate this process.

OTHER CONTRIBUTIONS: It should go without saying that we welcome contributions by established authors or publishing professionals in all of our features. Express your opinions in a review or editorial. Submit an article or story, either for first publication or reprint. Stop by our Community Forums to reach new fans. Let us know how you would like to participate in the ARWZ Community.

All materials on these pages (including fiction, poetry, essays, articles, interviews and opinion pieces) are copyrighted to the original authors and may not be reproduced without permission.

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