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Violet Kane

Violet "Violanthe" Kane is the Webmaster and Founder of She first started ARWZ back in 1999 in order to fill the need for a message board community where science fiction and fantasy writers could discuss issues specifically relevant to their craft, a venue that was largely unavailable on the web at that time. 

In 2005, she pioneered the conversion of ARWZ from a community website into its current Web Zine format. To this day, she is our sole webmaster here are ARWZ, designing and engineering all updates to the website infrastructure, but also serves as editor and content writer. Violet's primarily literary interests are popular fiction, especially the fantasy genre, and SFF television storytelling. Her favorite authors include Guy Gavriel Kay, George R.R. Martin, Matthew Stover & Orson Scott Card. She has an MA degree in Medieval Studies.


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