Fallon continues to weave the Hythrun tapestry with Warrior. Review by S.K. Slevinski

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In the latest installment of her Hythrun Chronicles, Jennifer Fallon explores the Wolfblade family and the politics of Hythria in greater complexity.

Nearly a decade after the events of Wolfblade, the first and titular book of this trilogy, Marla Wolfblade is a seasoned, behind-the-scenes ruler, using her cunning and influence to shape Hythrun politics within the shadows of her brother and current husband. Meanwhile, the next generation of Hythrun political players is on the verge of coming-of-age, including Marla's son Damin, heir to the seat of Hythria. As he grows older, he grows in skill as a warrior—but it does little to decrease the urgency of those who wish to see him dead. Alija is still intent on bringing down Wolfblade power, and her efforts grow ever more creative and deadly.

As usual Fallon creates an intricately plotted, but highly readable tale of political fantasy. Marla continues to develop in interesting ways; Fallon doesn't not let her get boxed in by previous characterization. Fans of the Demon Child trilogy will be pleased with the introduction of a number of familiar characters as they approach adulthood, including Damin and a certain Fardohnyan princess. Some Demon Child back-story is also brought to light among the Harshini in Wrayan Lightfinger's continuing story. Readers new to Wolfblade or even to Warrior needn't be concerned. Fallon's ethic of story-telling and world-building remains faithful to the implied credo of her previous books—readers can jump into the story with any book, but long-time fans won't get bogged down with re-exposition.

Fallon continues to make solid contributions to political fantasy. This is an author whose potential is as apparent as the skilled execution of her stories. Fantasy fans should be anxious to see what she does next—and if they haven't yet read her novels, they should be anxious to catch up on what they've missed.

S.K. Slevinski is senior editor for ARWZ Literary Magazine and a long time reader of alternative reality fiction. She is currently a graduate student, specializing in folklore.