Deception Point by Dan Brown. Review by Saundra Kane

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I have been a fan of Dan Brown since DaVinci Code and later when I read Angels and Demons. Although this book did not provide an intricate puzzle for the reader to work through as those books did, Deception Point did not disappoint me.

Was there ever life outside our planet? In Deception Point Brown uses a plausible premise of NASA finding proof that at one time life existed in outer space. It appears that NASA has finally found a meteorite that convinces the most accomplished scientists that this fact is true. Fossil remains imbedded in a 190 million year old meteorite that supposedly landed in the Artic in the 1700's has been found. But if this is so, why are the lives of several scientists in danger? Have they discovered data that the President of the USA and NASA do not want revealed. This discovery means alot more than scientific progress. It may determine the winner of the next Presidential election. Three of the scientists find themselves in a dangerous race to find the truth and not knowing who to trust when they finally discover it.

Dan Brown delivers another page turner in the genre of suspense thriller, with a science fiction twist. I do recommend this to anyone who enjoys a fast paced hard-to-put-down piece of fiction.

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