The Triangle directed by Craig R. Baxley. Review by Lucian Rudder

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The Triangle is a three part mini-series that was made for the Sci-Fi channel. On the front of the DVD it says: "From the director of 'X-Men' and a producer of 'Independence Day.'" Right away, I was not expecting Shakespeare.

The premise is as follows: A billionaire (Sam Neil) is loosing too many of his ships to the Bermuda Triangle so he hires a team of scientists (Eric Stoltz, Bruce Davidson, Catherine Bell and Michael Rodgers) and offers them a million dollars each if they can solve the mystery.

I found this mini-series to have too much style and not enough substance. It is rather like a glossy magazine that looks good while the content falls short. It has a few good ideas and scenes, but they are few and far between. I was not fond of any of the characters and found myself unable to engage with them. Even the usually great Sam Neil was not up to his standard; his performance seemed 'phoned in' to me. Lou Diamond Phillips's facial expression seldom seemed to change—it was a bit like one of those Thunderbirds puppets whose mouth moves but nothing else. Lisa Brenner looks strangely ugly in this film whenever she screws up her face to show surprise or concern and Bruce Davidson is fundamentally boring.

They packed a great deal of special effects into this mini-series and from that standpoint it was impressive. They had boats from different time periods, a nuclear submarine, World War 2 'planes, military helicopters, and a crashed 747 underwater. But I did not care about the characters and so all that seemed wasted.

This mini-series isn't awful. It lies somewhere between mediocre and okay. Some viewers may enjoy it.

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