The Sci-Fi Horror Gorefest Event Horizon finally gets the Special Edition treatment on DVD Review by Lucian Rudder

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What is arguably director Paul Anderson's (Resident Evil, Alien vs. Predator) best film, Event Horizon finally gets the Special Edition DVD treatment. It is about time. While not very successful at the cinema, the film has since gained a small cult following with many devoted websites. I am not embarrassed to admit it is one of my favourite films.

The Event Horizon is a research vessel that was designed to travel faster than light. It does so by creating an artificial black hole and then travelling through it. Shortly after its initial launch, it disappears without trace. Then seven years later it reappears in orbit around Neptune. This film is the story of the rescue crew who are sent to investigate. They travel to Neptune in their rescue ship called the "Lewis and Clark" captained by Capt. Miller (played by Laurence Fishburn). Along for the ride is Dr. Weir, the Event Horizon's creator (played by Sam Neil). They must discover what happened to the Event Horizon and her crew and find out where the ship has been for seven years. Wherever the ship has been, they soon discover that it has brought back some bad vibes. Think of it as a haunted house movie except with a haunted spaceship. The film has interesting thematic material involving science, myth and religion.

People seem to have mixed feelings about this film—some felt it was too gory and unpleasant to watch, especially at the cinema. Some felt it started well but went downhill. I personally thought it was great. Fans have wanted a Special Edition for over a decade. It has all the special features the Event Horizon fan could want and more. I recommend it to science fiction and horror fans, especially those who have liked the films The Shining, Alien, Hellraiser, The Haunting and Solaris as I believe this film was influenced by them all.

Lucian Rudder has been a fan of science fiction, action and horror films, as well as books, for over twenty years and is an aspiring screenwriter. He works as a medical specialist and lives in Kent, England with his cat, Abigail. You can find him online as a moderator for the Horror Forum at Bestsellers & Literature and for the Alternative Reality Fiction forum here on ARWZ.