The Myth Hunters by Christopher Golden Review by Little Willow

Book Cover
Oliver Bascombe became a lawyer because that was what his father wanted. Now, he is about to get married to a woman that his father approves of, and though he loves her, he is having second thoughts. The night before his wedding, Oliver is watching the blizzard outside when Jack Frost himself blows in and asks for help.

Before he knows it, Oliver is taken behind The Veil and into another reality where characters from myths of long ago live—and die. Oliver must embrace this new world and conquer his old fears and new foes.

The Myth Hunters is urban fantasy defined: detailed, engrossing, twisting the myths of yesteryear with contemporary characters. This fast-paced novel, the first in a promised trilogy, is quite the page turner. Readers will root for Oliver and be intrigued by the multitude of characters, the vivid imagery, and the storylines taking place on both sides of The Veil.

Christopher Golden, as always, is an amazing author. I cannot recommend his works highly enough. Fans of Charles de Lint and Neil Gaiman (especially American Gods) will enjoy this book—and then check out his previous books, if they haven't already! Join Oliver on this magical, mythical journey. You won't be disappointed.

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