Transformers directed by Michael Bay Review by David Murawski

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Flawless computer graphics endow this intensely action packed movie. Long time comic book and cartoon enthusiasts will not be disappointed in this film. The movie's storyline slightly deviates from the cartoon and comic, but in a way to enhance the Transformer's saga. Old school fans will be delighted to be reunited with familiar characters like Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Starscream, and the evil Megatron. The Decepticons are searching Earth for the "Allspark," the key to domination. Only an awkward boy (Shai Lebeouf), his high school crush, a handful of America's finest, and the Autobots can stop them.

At first, I was apprehensive about seeing this movie since the trailers made the robots look like complicated, thrown together lumps of metal with indiscernible features, but the movie's attention to the smallest details, like blinking eyelids, was tremendously astounding. I watched the movie trying to keep an open mind since comic books rarely transfer to film well. Ever see "The Hulk?" I rest my case. Yet after the first robot scene, I relaxed my skeptical mind and started to enjoy the movie. I also loved the comic relief offered by actor John Turturro who played a secretive, quirky government operative, who has been tracking the non-biological extra-terrestrials, or as we know them, the Transformers. Like most comic book movie crossovers, the way is paved for a sequel.

My favorite part about the movie was the transformation of my favorite Autobot, Bumblebee. Michael Bay morphs the awkward Volkswagen bug character from the cartoon to a modern, supped up Chevy Camaro who communicates by playing sound bites from radio and television.

The movie focuses mainly on the Autobots and I would have liked to have seen more of the Decepticons. Everyone loves to see into the twisted mind of the bad guys. The Decepticons spoke in subtitles which were hard to read on my television. Perhaps they could have learned our Earthly language like the Autobots did. The only real downside to the movie was during the robot fight scenes when it became a bit hard to tell the difference between the robots as they tangled. I would hate to think I accidentally rooted for the wrong side.

The movie is entertaining for newly enlisted recruits as well as the veteran science fiction warriors. Find a safe hiding place and enjoy the battle. After all, they are "more than meets the eye!"

David Murawski is proud to hold the title "Geek." He is an aspiring fiction/play writer whose interests include computer gaming, nearly all types of books, comic books, fantasy role-playing games, and just about anything else that allows us to slip the restraints of reality. As a child he was the corner "storyteller" spinning many a tale until after the street lights came on. He lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is a USAF Gulf War Veteran.