ARWZ Literary Zine accepts submissions of original poetry for publication on a rolling basis. ARWZ is friendly to unpublished writers, and we are open to publishing experimental or traditional poetic forms, as long as they are well-written. Experimental poetry should not hinge on gimmicks, rather the novelty of its form and content should complement each other with art and subtlty. Traditional verse should not be tired, but bring a sparkle of originality to classic forms. We accept all genres of alternative reality poetry. If you classify your own work as something other than a well-known genre (i.e. science fiction, fantasy, horror, dark fantasy, historical fiction etc.) you should include a cover letter between your header and the text of your submission indicating what title you use to classify the genre of your piece and why. Any sexual or violent elements should not be excessive and should be creatively justified. So-called "swear words" should be used in moderation.

Poems should be under 100 lines. Longer poems will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

At this time, we are accepting simultaneous submissions. Authors retain all rights to their work. We ask that you allow us to retain your poetry in our archives for at least six months. We will retain it thereafter unless the original author requests its removal. Regrettably, we cannot pay our contributors for poetry, at this time. Visit our Support page to see our plans for changing this in the future.

If we do not accept your poetry submission for publication, it does not disqualify you from publishing your poem with us in the future. In our response we may suggest revisions, or suggest resubmitting at a later time.

Before sending your submission, please be certain to read the General Submission Guidelines and the Plain Text Tutorial. Submissions that do not meet these basic guidelines cannot be considered, and will be sent back for reformatting. Poetry submissions should be sent to

If you have any further questions after reading these guidelines, please visit our Online Help page to post a question to our editors.