The Temporary Mountain by Will Turner

There it was
Rubble and debris
The empty void
Where the factory used to be.

Builders and forklifts
All suddenly appear
It was a pudding of mud
"No poetry here!"

Where once stood a chasm
And all looked quite bleak
Instead of the wreckage
Was a great snowy peak

I walked past and smiled
Like youth in a fountain
I wish I had a camera
To prove Beccles had a mountain.

Alas of course it could not last
Supermarkets are meant to build fast

But for a while it stood with all its might
Mount Everest on a building site...

Will Turner is the author of Mix Tape, an anthology of short stories, poems, monologues, and sketches. He is also a screenwriter and filmmaker. He is currently developing a collaborative web comic, Reynard City. For more information, on all of his projects, visit his home page.