Madness by Jon Ayre

Where our imaginations travel, dare we follow?
For on that journey, madness waits,
To blur the lines of joy and sorrow,
To mark the days beyond tomorrow,
And forever join our fates.

Master or slave, giver or taker,
Do we play our roles, or do they play us?
Drawn to patterns carved in flesh,
The great steel cogs of promise mesh,
As gods we form from drifting dust.

But what at heart, drives flesh to walk?
What deeper thoughts will animate?
Bring shame and joy to mere biology,
And raise to mind some warped theology,
So twisted souls might grate.

Grind down the bones, torture the frame,
Make upright back stoop low.
Take every scrap of life's true worth,
And suck it dry mere days from birth,
Before the seed within can grow.

Shout loud and strong to those who hear,
Much more than this am I!
No deity can lessen me,
No crippled thoughts will set me free,
And so released, I fly!

Jon Ayre is through necessity an IT Consultant, and through choice a writer of fiction and poetry. He lives in a small town nestled halfway between the creative cities of Liverpool and Manchester, with his wife and a variety of animals. He has recently completed a supernatural thriller entitled Harvest.