Late Night Drive by Brian Fanelli

Driving to the countryside,
we see eyes of deer glowing in fields.
Frozen, the animals stare at us,
as though wondering our intentions.
Radio pop songs fade to static.
Streetlights have blackened bulbs.
The moon hangs low like a silver hook.

Air stinks of gasoline and dust,
as we pull into a driveway,
away from revealing city lights.
You shiver and lean close.
There is no kiss.

The barn door creaks open.
A figure inches forward,
grinning in the headlight's low glow.
His gaze falls on us, then he passes.
Looking in the review mirror, I see nothing,
only the barren road.

Brian Fanelli, 21, is a free-lance writer living in West Chester, Pennsylvania. "Late Night Drive" is his first poem that has been published nationally.