1/30/07: The New Evolutionary Wars
by Thomas B. White
All pedestrians are lizards / disguised in trousers and skirts

11/21/06: A November, Disjointed
by David Poore
A clock without hands keeps time without seconds— / Moments crawl by like bubbles in a vat of molasses

10/24/06: Spookhouse
by Brian Fanelli
Yellow eyes of the bony cat / Peer through the cracked windows.

7/12/06: Sensing the Night
by Bob Nimmo
Savouring / the soft pickling of day’s end, / the heaviness of time descend; / sun sliding seaward, / pallid orb a fickle friend.

7/5/06: One Night in Bombay
by Jack Cosmos
Just another night of wicked fun / On the wrong side of the Moon / On the right night in the mean streets of Bombay

6/28/06: Madness
by Jon Ayre
For on that journey, madness waits, / To blur the lines of joy and sorrow, / To mark the days beyond tomorrow

6/21/06: Sprite
by M. Marinda
Slow as the trickles / fast as the streams / the salmon it tickles / gives it its dreams

6/14/06: Late Night Drive
by Brian Fanelli
Air stinks of gasoline and dust, / as we pull into a driveway, / away from revealing city lights.

3/14/06: The Waltz
by David Poore
Ever pounding, pounding, pounding / With the notes ever resounding / Flying faster, faster, faster / All inviting a disaster

2/14/06: The Clockwork Heart
by Murray Graham
Poor mechanical thing, no guilt I assign, / The blame to be had is entirely mine

12/20/05: Incantations
by Stormm
Calling that, which cannot be grasped, / As though we have only but to ask

11/10/05: Hoping This Makes You Uncomfortable
by David Poore
Thinking outside the outside / When you're already outside the box / When there is no outside or box

9/15/05: The Temporary Mountain
by Will Turner
Instead of the wreckage / Was a great snowy peak