11/27/07: Strike: In the end, fans will follow the writers to the edge of the universe
Editorial by Tom McMeekin
I don't like the fact that the Hollywood writers' strike will probably shorten this season for most of my favorite shows. And I think the strike is one of the nails in the coffin of network TV as we know it. However, I'm a writer at heart (if not a professional screenwriter, at least, not yet), and I support the writers' decision to walk out...

11/24/05: Can Fantasy Fiction be Adult Fiction?
Editorial by Violet Kane
I understand that the world needs its Harry Potters. But does this mean that fantasy must be relegated to readers in their formative years? That there is something inherently immature in fantasy fiction? That those of us who still read it are lagging behind? We haven't grown up in our reading tastes?

10/27/05: What happened to The Matrix?
Editorial by Will Turner
The Matrix proved that a film could have both brains and brawn, a nutritious subtext combined with visual confectionary. So where did it all go wrong? How did such a fine work of balance lead to the lop-sided mess that followed? And more pertinently, what could have been done differently to salvage the soul of the first film?

10/13/05: What's so bad about e-books?
Editorial by S.K. Slevinski
Doesn't the human soul connect with the passion of a story so much more when curled up on the couch, book in hand, in front of the fire, on a chilly winter's eve? As it turns out, laptops and PDAs never object to a roaring hearth. Nor do they cease to function on a chilly winter's eve...

9/27/05: Best of Times, Worst of Times.
Editorial by Will Turner
Do the critics appreciate this year's speculative fiction films? Not a bit! They complain—rather predictably—that Hollywood has run out of ideas and so many films this year were either sequels or remakes...

9/1/05: Welcome to ARWZ Literary Zine
Editorial by Violet Kane
ARWZ Literary Zine seeks to elevate ARWZ voices to a platform where they will have a greater say in the direction of speculative fiction...

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