Welcome to ARWZ Literary Zine. Editorial By Violet Kane

Since September of 2000, ARWZ.com has united writers and fans in their mutual love of speculative fiction. The heart of ARWZ has long been its message forum communities: The Speculative Forums—a home for speculative fiction fans on the web, now run by the dedicated and talented Nimisha—and the Writing Forums—where ARWZ writers congregate to discuss their craft. For five years now, I have read about the joys and trials of the speculative fiction genres through the eyes of ARWZ members.

Over the years, I have watched the writers of ARWZ ponder how to make their work publishable. ARWZ writers have combined their brainpower in an effort to hone their work toward marketablity, and have even debated whether gearing one's writing toward any audience is worth the sacrifices in artistry.

The discussion among fans of speculative fiction has not been without frustration either. ARWZ members have lamented over the consequences of a larger market on speculative fiction. ARWZ fans have decried their favorite authors for overpublishing, spoiling their favorite series. They have watched in frustration as speculative TV shows get canceled before reaching their full potential, and as the storylines of speculative movies get short-changed in favor of slashy special effects.

Fellow ARWZ members have heard our frustrations. They have offered solace and comradery. But our opinions have gone no further. After a lively ARWZ discussion, they fall away under an accumulation of new message threads, new joys and new laments. ARWZ Literary Zine seeks to change this cycle. While ARWZ Forums will always welcome the candid comments of any fan or writer with an opinion on speculative fiction, ARWZ Literary Zine seeks to do more.

By founding an electronic magazine in association with ARWZ.com, we seek to elevate ARWZ voices to a platform where they will have a greater say in the direction of speculative fiction. How, you may ask, will an online magazine make any more difference than our online forums? Admittedly, ARWZ Literary Zine will, by necessity, start out small. Back in the late 1990's an online magazine might have been considered "just another website." But online magazine founded in the late 1990's have grown into well-respected publications. Electronic magazines now number among the nominees for major speculative fiction awards, such as the Hugos.

ARWZ seeks to capitalize upon the growing importance of electronic media, as well as to provide a springboard for our members who aim to publish in more traditional print forums. The publishing experience and credits on ARWZ can help get you published in more widely known publications. Creative writing forms (fiction and poetry) are only the most obvious examples. Even if you are not a writer, ARWZ encourages you to make your voice heard about issues in your favorite genre. Publishing articles and opinion pieces on ARWZ can set the foundation for publishing your views in larger venues.

We here at ARWZ are asking you to "start small" with us in this newest venture. But just like you, ARWZ Literary Zine has greater ambitions. ARWZ has a plan in place for turning professional within five years. This means paying professional rates to contributors of original fiction and poetry. With your help, we can also include contributors of articles and editorials, paying YOU to interview your favorite authors, research topics in speculative fiction, and serve as guest editors of ARWZ. Please visit our Support page to see how you can help us realize these goals.

Finally, I want to take this opportunity to introduce our "Editorials" feature here on ARWZ Literary Zine. The ARWZ editorial staff is small (downright puny, to be exact), and besides which, what fun is it to hear just our opinions all the time? So, allow me, officially to invite you to serve as "guest editors" for ARWZ Literary Zine. We're interested in publishing your editorials here on the ARWZ Editorials page, hearing your opinions on issues and trends in speculative fiction. Check out our How To pages for more information. If you have comments on our editorials, or brief opinions that don't take a whole editorial to share, we're also interested in publishing your Letters to the Editor here on the Editorials page of ARWZ Literary Zine.

Thank you for stopping by to check out the Alternative Reality Web Zine. Please feel free to nose around and check out our premiere features. Also, take a moment to review our Submissions information to see what you can contribute. Finally, enjoy! Ultimately, ARWZ Literary Zine is here to bring you quality speculative fiction and lively discussion.

Violet "Violanthe" Kane is the Webmaster and Founder of ARWZ.com. She is an editor of ARWZ Literary Zine and is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Medieval studies.