ARWZ Magazine periodically invites authors and other literary professionals to to participate in scheduled Q&A sessions on our Community Forums. Q&A sessions will be held in their own forum, and cross-posted to the main Alternative Reality Fiction forum. Q&A sessions open for a minimum of one week. Q&A subjects answer questions posted by our readers and visitors throughout the week, at least once a day for the duration of the session. Participants need not be familiar with a certain author's work to ask questions - we invite general questions on alternative reality fiction, writing, and working in the literary field. Q&A sessions sometimes last longer than a week if subjects elect a longer session. Q&A sessions allow authors to make contact with existing fans and reach new fans within their wider target audience. Once complete, Q&A topics are archived on the forums and a transcript published on ARWZ Magazine. To inquire about setting up a Q&A with ARWZ readers, please write to, subject line "ATTN: Q&A Request"

To read our previous Q&A transcripts, please visit our Articles Archive.