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ARWZ Literary Zine counts several associate pages among its online network of readers, contributors and contacts. These pages are online message board communities, run by various dedicated webmasters all over the world. These communities are built around their members' mutual enjoyment of all types of fiction. Their members participate in ARWZ projects, voice their opinions, contribute to our magazine features. These pages serve as forums for alternative reality fiction fans to share and discuss their favorite books, films and more.

If you run an online message board community, and you would like to become an associate page of ARWZ Magazine, please visit our Application Page to read more about the program and to submit an application. Benefits of being an associate include:

1) A link to your board here on our Associates page, so that ARWZ readers can visit your community

2) Adding active content to your page instantly. Rather than going to the trouble to devise and execute large-scale interactive projects or events on your site, let ARWZ editors do it for you. We'll invite your members to contribute to projects, ask for their feedback, remind them of deadlines, and ask them to discuss and debate in your forums.

3) ARWZ editors will visit your forum regularly to participate in discussions, get to know your members, get your visitors talking and thinking about issues in film, literature and alternative reality fiction.

4) Boards whose members contribute actively will be profiled on ARWZ Magazine.

5) Every associate board is eligible for one month of free advertising on

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