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George R.R. Martin
Top Ten Fantasy Authors Publishing Today. Reprint

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Guy Gavriel Kay
As many long time members will recall, back in 2001, ARWZ membership undertook the ambitious project of collectively compiling Top Ten lists of our favorite authors in speculative fiction.

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Terry Pratchett
The Top Ten lists challenged ARWZ members to consider who we look to as the masters of our favorite genres. We voted by composing our own ranked Top Ten lists and the final list was tabulated from their weighted rankings. Were our methods scientific? Probably not, but the lists were an entertaining and challenging way to put the minds of ARWZ together toward one goal.

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Tad Williams
To celebrate the advent of ARWZ Literary Zine, we have decided to reprint these lists for new readers to appreciate (or argue with). Below you will find our list of the Top Ten Fantasy Authors Publishing Today, originally compiled in April 2001. If you would like to comment on this list, please feel free to join the discussion on our forums, or to send us a Letter to the Editor with your comments. If you would like to participate in our latest Top Ten List, to be published on ARWZ Literary Zine in a future feature article, please visit the official ARWZ Top 10 page to see what we're woking on next.

Top Ten Fantasy Authors Publishing Today

1. George R.R. Martin

2. Guy Gavriel Kay

3. Terry Pratchett

4. Tad Williams

5. Terry Brooks

6. Gene Wolfe

7. Tim Powers

8. Phillip Pullman

9. Terry Goodkind

10. Robert Jordan