10/16/07: Author Q&A with Jennifer Fallon
Original Session: 9/18/06 to 9/24/06
Author Jennifer Fallon recently visited the ARWZ Community Forums to answer questions from fans and ARWZ readers in an Interactive Q&A.

10/2/07: Interview with Gary Wassner
Interview by Violet Kane
With the release of his newest GemQuest novel, Gary Wassner is one book away from the completion of his ground-breaking fantasy series. By combining traditional epic fantasy with an edgy character-driven sensibility, Wassner has captured a dedicated fan base and has proven that talent can shine in the small presses. I wanted to know more about Wassner's background and his creative process.

7/17/07: Interview with Matthew Stover
Interview by Violet Kane
Whenever I pick up a new and promising book, my hope is always that it will be a compulsively readable, can't-put-it-down, stay-up-past-my-bedtime, page-turning experience. The more intellectual side of me hopes that it will also be a book with enthralling characters, which drive the story forward and challenge the reader. Well written prose is always a plus, and on top of that, I certainly want something that's just simply fun to read. As you can imagine, this ambitious combination of hopes does not coalesce very often. The last new author to do it? Matthew Stover.

6/5/07: William Girdler: 70s Horror Icon Director
Article by Nickolas Cook
One of the lost icons of this time in American cinema was William Girdler. In the span of seven short years, he made nine feature films, most of them in horror, before his untimely death at the early age of thirty.

5/22/07: Author Q&A with Kate Elliott
Original Session: 10/17/06 to 10/23/06
Author Kate Elliott recently visited the ARWZ Community Forums to answer questions from fans and ARWZ readers in an Interactive Q&A.

5/8/07: Films of the Fantastic at the 9th San Francisco Independent Film Festival
Article by Peter Wong
As a fan of films of the fantastic, I recently discovered a welcome alternative to watching yet another tiresome science fiction shoot-'em-up with ray guns. It's the small but decidedly quirky San Francisco Independent Film Festival. Every February, this film festival unapologetically screens fantasy and horror films. At Indie Fest, the originality of vision matters more than the presence of A-list talent or large budgets.

3/13/07: Viewing List Column: War of the Worlds
Article by Doug Gogerty
In 1898, H.G. Wells wrote one of his many science fiction classics. This particular story sprang from the scientific observations of the day. The idea that canals existed on Mars became the basis for many Martian stories. Wells's War of the Worlds was one of the first.

2/13/07: Interview with Matthew Hughes
Interview by Violet Kane
No writer exemplifies the sort of creativity and range increasingly available in alternative reality genres today better than Matthew Hughes.

1/16/07: Top 10 Fantasy Worlds
Compiled by ARWZ Editors
Over a hundred fictional worlds vied for placement on our latest list, the Top 10 Fantasy Worlds, and the victor enjoyed the largest margain of victory yet in our Top 10 projects.

1/2/07: Interview with Guy Gavriel Kay
Interview by Violet Kane
What happens when an email from your all-time favorite author shows up in your inbox one summer day at the library?

11/7/06: Viewing List Column: Godzilla
Article by Doug Gogerty
In September of 2006, the progenitor of the most successful science fiction movie franchises was made available for the first time on video for American audiences.

10/10/06: Author Q&A with David Thomas Lord
Original Session: 7/25/06 to 8/1/06
Author David Thomas Lord recently visited the ARWZ Community Forums to answer questions from fans and ARWZ readers in an Interactive Q&A.

9/26/06: Top 10 Science Fiction Films
Compiled by ARWZ Editors
Voting in our latest Top 10 list of the Best Science Fiction Films was the most contentious yet. Classic and contemporary favorites were in hot pursuit of one another as ARWZ readers and associates voted for their favorite cinematic Science Fiction experiences.

9/12/06: Interview with Kate Elliott
Interview by S.K. Slevinski
With the publication of her latest book, Crown of Stars, author Kate Elliott delivers on the promises of a decade of storytelling.

8/29/06: H. G. Lewis: The Return of the Godfather of Gore
Article by Nickolas Cook
Herschell Gordon Lewis, known to legions of horror fans as "The Godfather of Gore", is renowned for his outre splatter films—a gory exploitation cinema that changed the way Americans viewed their violence.

8/15/06: Interview with Jennifer Fallon
Interview by S.K. Slevinski
Australian fantasist Jennifer Fallon proves that adventure stories about kings and warriors, magic and gods, needn't be cliché, and that her characters can will the story forward without an evil dark lord in sight!

8/1/06: Reading List Column: Anime
Article by Andrea Johnson
Never heard of anime? Think it's weird? Fear not, here's a list of "must see" anime movies (and some tv shows) for the curious, along with some favorites for the seasoned fan.

7/4/06: Author Q&A with John Shors
Original Session: 6/6/06 to 6/12/06
Author John Shors recently visited the ARWZ Community Forums to answer questions from fans and ARWZ readers in an Interactive Q&A.

6/20/06: Reading List Column: Historical Fantasy
Article by S.K. Slevinski
Increasingly, fantasy novels have been ignoring wizards, unicorns, elves and fairies in favor of human characters and milieus inspired by real-life historical settings. Magic is put on the back burner while character conflicts and political entanglements drive the story.

6/6/06: Interview with John Shors
Interview by Violet Kane
In his debut novel, Beneath a Marble Sky, John Shors combines poetry, love and history for a tale captivating to alternative reality and mainstream readers alike.

5/23/06: Top Ten Characters
Compiled by ARWZ Editors
Voting in our latest Top 10 list of the Best Characters in alternative reality fiction was any character's game. The votes were split across a wide range of choices, and among multiple characters in favorite books and films. ARWZ readers and associates nominated nearly three hundred of their favorite protagonists, anti-heroes, sidekicks, villains... not to mention those who defy categorization.

4/25/06: Interview with David Thomas Lord
Interview by Violet Kane
As any good writer knows, inspiration is everywhere. But so is David Thomas Lord. He will be going on tour shortly to promote his second Bound installment, Bound in Flesh, due to be released in August 2006...

4/11/06: Author Q&A with Christopher Golden
Original Session: 3/7/06 to 3/13/06
Author Christopher Golden recently visited the ARWZ Community Forums to answer questions from fans and ARWZ readers in an Interactive Q&A.

3/28/06: Author Q&A with Tim Lebbon
Original Session: 2/28/06 to 3/6/06
Author Tim Lebbon recently visited the ARWZ Community Forums to answer questions from fans and ARWZ readers in an Interactive Q&A.

2/28/06: Interview with Christopher Golden & Tim Lebbon
Authors Christopher Golden and Tim Lebbon met up recently and, over a few beers, chatted about their new novels out now from Bantam Spectra.

1/3/06: Top Ten Speculative Fiction Novels of All Time.
Compiled by ARWZ Editors
In our first Top Ten List Project undertaken since the founding of ARWZ Magazine, the results were unprecendented. ARWZ readers and associates nominated nearly two hundred of their favorite novels and trilogies.

12/8/05: The Lineage of Convention in the Modern Fantasy Genre.
by S.K. Slevinski
The very nature of "genre" implies that conventions will be used. The modern genre of fantasy is no exception. Tolkien hand-picked conventions from an existing body of world literature to use in his books. The ones he picked survived into the genre of fantasy we see today.

9/2/05: Top Ten Fantasy Authors Publishing Today.
To celebrate the advent of ARWZ Literary Zine, we have decided to reprint this list for new readers to appreciate (or argue with). Here you will find our list of the Top Ten Fantasy Authors Publishing Today, originally compiled in April 2001.

8/25/05: Top Ten Speculative Fiction Authors of All Time.
As many long time members will recall, back in 2001, ARWZ membership undertook the ambitious project of collectively compiling Top Ten lists of our favorite authors in speculative fiction.