The AR Award competition is a unique visitors' choice award honoring excellence in message forum administration. The AR Award seeks to recognize and promote message board communities that provide a platform for the discussion of alternative reality fiction in any and all of its forms. By hosting this award, ARWZ Magazine hopes to give greater exposure to well-run alternative reality communities, as well as to provide a means for users to show their gratitude to the hard-working administrators who keep these communities engaging and active.


We accept nominations for the AR Award year round. Anyone is welcome to nominate a message board community that he/she feels is deserving of this award. First and foremost, nominated communities must provide a platform for the discussion of alternative reality fiction, in some form. Eligible forum communities must be dedicated to the discussion of literature, films, television, art and/or games in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, horror or historical. Communities with more general themes are eligible as long as they have at least one active forum dedicated to the discussion of one or more alternative reality genres. ARWZ Editors will evaluate all nominated pages prior to inclusion in the final vote, and we reserve the right to disclude any nominated page at our discretion, including pages with offensive material or that do not exemplify the qualities of forum administration that we seek to recognize.


At the end of voting, the first, second and third place winners will be showcased on the magazine in a display on our AR Award Winners page. The display will include an award plaque image and a permanent link to the winning sites. Additionally, winners will be eligible to receive free advertising on for one month. Winners will get a choice of one (1) advertising package of their choice. For details on each, please review all our available advertising packages.

Voting: The Ballot

Voting for the AR Award is now CLOSED. Please feel free to nominate your favorite discussion forums for the next award voting session.

Link to The AR Award

Administrators or supporters of nominated boards who would like to direct visitors here for voting should feel free to copy/paste the following HTML code for display your page:


It will display as follows:


For a text only display:

<CENTER> <A HREF=""> Vote for The AR Award </A> </CENTER>


We are currently accepting nominations for our 2009 AR Award.

ARWZ Editors will nominate up to ten (10) of our Associate pages for the award, but visitors are welcome to nominate any page they wish, including our Associates and communities not previously affiliated with ARWZ. There is no limit the the number of nominations we will approve, providing that they meet with our eligibility requirements.

To nominate your favorite online community, please use our nominations form below:

Name of the Community:

This should be the overall title for the community. In case of general-interest boards that address the alternative reality genres among a number of other topics, please give the name of the entire community, not just the forums dealing with AR topics.


You must include the name or internet handle of the main administrator or administrators of the online community you are nominating so that we can contact them if the nomination is approved.

Administrator Contact:

Please provide an email address(es) where we may reach the administrators named above. Email addresses will be used solely for award notifications. If, for whatever reason, you cannot or prefer not to provide an email address, please indicate the username on the nominated board that we can use to send a private message to the administrator(s). To provide this information please use the format "PM:adminusername" wherein you substitute the username to be PM-ed for "adminusername"

Main URL:

Please enter the main URL of the message forum. This URL should lead us to the main page of the board, where all individual forums are listed. This URL should NOT be the domain address of a website, unless the domain address forwards directly to the message forum index page.

Main AR Forum (optional):

In the case of general-interest communities, please use this box to provide us with the url of the central or most active alternative reality forum.

Comments (optional):
If you would like to include any further information regarding your nomination (e.g. if eligibility may not be obvious), please include it here.