We are currently looking for submissions of reviews and opinion pieces, as well as contributors interested in writing columns and conducting interviews. Submissions accepted for publication will be published on a rolling basis.

ALL submissions to ARWZ Literary Zine MUST follow these general guidelines. Please note, however, that sometimes your initial contact with us will be through a query letter (see individual categories below). But when you send us the actual submission, no matter what sort of piece—creative, informational, or opinion—please follow these guidelines for formatting.:

1) All submissions must be plain ASCII text. If you don't know what this means, please read our How to Create Plain Text tutorial.

2) All submissions must be made via email in the BODY of the message. No attachments will be accepted. Nor will any postal mail submissions. After converting your submission to plain ASCII text (see above), paste it into the body of an email message. Please also make sure to chose the "Plain Text" option when composing your email message.

3) All submissions must have a proper heading for electronic submission. A proper heading will include:

Your Real Name
Your Byline or Pen Name (if different)
Your Email Address
Type of Submission (short story, poem, editorial, review, etc.)
Title of Submission
Word Count
These elements of the heading should not be marked up in any way (quotation marks, underlining, etc.). Please include all of this information, but ONLY this information. Nothing extra. We don't need addresses or phone numbers.

4) All submissions must have a properly formatted subject line:
Following our model for submission in the subject line is essential so that your submission gets into the correct folder. Please use this exact format. Note that it starts with SUB, colon, space, REVIEW (or whatever the submission type as indicated below), colon, space, etc. Copy/paste if you have to so that there are spaces and colons where they are supposed to be. Failure to use the correct subject line may result in your submission ending up in the wrong folder and getting lost. Every submission will begin with "SUB:" in capital letters in the subject line. It will be followed by the type of submission, and then the title of your submission. Use the following as examples:
SUB: ARTICLE: Your Article's Title
SUB: EDITORIAL: Your Editorial's Title
SUB: FICTION: Your Story's Title
SUB: POETRY: Your Poem's Title
SUB: REVIEW: Subject of Your Review
If it is a contest submission, you MUST put an additional tag so that it gets into our Contest folder:
[CONTEST] SUB: FICTION: Title of Your Story
[CONTEST] SUB: POETRY: Title of Poem
Again, copy/paste if you must to get the right subject line and get it into the right folder. Folder sorting happens automatically in our email software, not by human eyes. Also make sure that your subject line is free of any clutter, such as "Re:" or "Fw:"

5) All submissions must be single spaced.

6) All submissions must have a blank line between paragraphs, and NO indentation. This is standard electronic submission. Yes, paper submission is different. Readability online is better served by a blank line, rather than an indented paragraph.

7) All submissions must end with the word "END". By putting the word END at the close of your submission, we'll know that we received the entirety of your submission, that it didn't get cut off by mistake.

8) Cover letters are REQUIRED FOR FICTION QUERIES, but optional for everything else. If you do include one (please see our Fiction Specific Guidelines for the requirements of the fiction query), make sure it is also plain text in the body of your email message. It should come after your heading and before the text of your submission.

Please note, formal copyright registration of all items published on ARWZ is the responsibility of the original authors. Formal registration, however, is not required in order to receive copyright protection in the United States, where ARWZ is published. Please consult the U.S. Government Copyright website for more information.

Finally, if your email software includes a spam-block filter or bulk folder utility, or if you simply get and delete a lot of junk mail, it is in your best interest to put our email address (editor@arwz.com) on your safe list. If we decide to publish your submission, we will need to contact you for further information. Quite simply, if we do not get email responses from you, we cannot publish your work. If you have any further questions after reading these guidelines, please visit our Online Help page to post a question to our editors.

If you would find it helpful to check your work against a sample submission, please refer to the following (fictional) example below. Remember, the cover letter is required for FICTION ONLY (it should go without saying that you don't need to use the exact wording in the example):

(EMAIL SUBJECT) SUB: FICTION: The Sorceress of Emerald Reach
(EMAIL TO) editor@arwz.com

Cassandra C. Stone
C.C. Stone
Short Story
The Sorceress of Emerald Reach
5,000 Words

Dear ARWZ Editors:

Please consider the following short story for ARWZ Magazine. I have previously been published in magazines X, Y and Z. My story is about...(synopsis). My story is a good match for your magazine because...(explain why it fits our format).


Cassandra C. Stone

The Sorceress of Emerald Reach
By C.C. Stone

On the very peak of Emerald Reach, there lived a sorceress who had lost every one of her magical powers in the hundred years of mage wars. But for one. She could transform Microsoft Word documents into plain text with a simple wave of her wand.

"Be gone!" was all she needed to say, and curly quotes turned straight.

Italics and bold markup she recognized as having the _utmost_ importance for emphasis and *impact*. Fearing they'd be lost, she turned them into underscores and asterisks with a snap of her fingers.

Next on her list, the em-dash--a particularly useful form of punctuation in modern fiction--became two hypens with only a glimpse from her golden eyes.


The next day, she had but one more task to complete: erasing the apparently useless ellipsis character. A peculiar invention... Why format for a new character when three simple dots sufficed to complete the task?



PLEASE NOTE: ARWZ Magazine is CLOSED to new fiction submissions until further notice. Fiction publication on ARWZ will be suspended until such time as magazine revenue makes it possible to pay professional rates for published fiction.
ARWZ Literary Zine is interested in publishing many different kinds of fiction. We are interested in publishing fiction that brings unexpected twists to familiar genres, fiction that crosses genre boundries, as well as more traditional alternative reality stories. It need not be envelope-pushing as long as it is well written and original. ARWZ Literary Zine seeks stories that evolve out of engaging characters. All submissions should have a theme or connection to alternative reality fiction. ARWZ Literary Zine is interested in short stories, short shorts, novelettes and novellas. If your fiction fits the bill, and you're interested in publishing with us, please follow the link above for more detailed information on submitting your fiction.


Our interest in poetry, like our interest in fiction, is broad-based. ARWZ Literary Zine is looking for poetry submissions inspired by the unique elements of alternative reality genres. We are interested in experimental structures and language forms, as well as traditional stanzaic pieces. Poetry submissions should be challenging and original, with themes and imagery that capture the imagination of alternative reality readers. From bardic epics to sparse trips through desolate futures, ARWZ encourages poets to share their imaginations with us. We at ARWZ Literary Zine love language at its most powerful and welcome your submission. Please click on the link above to learn more.

Articles, Editorials & Reviews

ARWZ Literary Zine invites alternative reality writers of all experience levels to submit articles, editorials and reviews for publication. We are interested in your opinions about the direction of alternative reality fiction today. ARWZ seeks to provide a platform for your ideas, reactions and assertions. ARWZ does not expect you will have previous publication credits for these types of submissions. We want to showcase your serious inquiries and satirical commentary. Please follow the link above to learn more about each of these types of submission.