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Saundra Kane

Joined on: March 2nd, 2011

Recent Comments by Saundra Kane

  • "I loved "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich" but also was obsessed with Dostoevsky when I was in college. My favorite was "The Idiot" but I remem" on Crime and Punishment
  • "I do love Autumn..and those recipes are very familiar...I think you just made them at our home this weekend!" on Autumnal Enjoyment
  • "On your recommendation we got Men of a Certain Age and both Gene and I thoroughly enjoyed the first season. I found Mad Men on my own and really " on Summer DVDs
  • "Glad everything is coming along pretty well. Maybe the bumps won't be as bad as you are expecting." on My bumpy teeth, and the wonders of Aligner Chewies
  • "I had some of those tuna cakes. They were yummy!" on Father’s Day Feast
  • "Saundra is a Pgh native..when she said Saundra too, she meant that she also loves Saundra. Anyway, there is really much to do around there. We disco" on Weekend at the Trailer
  • "I am glad to hear they felt ok. It sounds like they worked out better than you expected." on Invisalign, Day One
  • "Sounds Delicious!" on Lemon Edamame Dip & Homemade Tortilla Chips
  • "and ps...come up to the trailer and visit when ever you can. We love to have company." on Weekend at the Trailer
  • "No worries about the AC. We forgot to tell you that you have to flip a switch outside at the AC for it to work. We used it the next weekend and it w" on Weekend at the Trailer

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