Great India Buffet Tour

Sabrina and Sarah are currently endeavoring to survey and rank all the Indian Buffets offered in the Greater Pittsburgh area. You can read our reviews as they are posted, but as we visit new places, the precise rankings change, so the ranking mentioned in an original review may indicate a different place in the rankings than the buffet currently occupies. In order to keep up to date, this page will be revised to display the current ranking as our buffet tour progresses.

1. Tamarind Flavor of India in Oakland.

2. Mintt on Banksville Road.

3. People’s Indian Restaurant in Garfield/Bloomfield.

4. Coriander India Grill in Squirrel Hill.

5. Indian Garden in Oakland.

6. Taj Mahal on McKnight Road.

7. Taste of India in Bloomfield/Lawrenceville.

8. Prince of India in Oakland.

9. Zaiaka in Holiday Park.

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