Carbs and Calories in Vegetables, and other ingredients

As I contemplate how to lower the carbs in favorite dishes by using substitutions like spiralized vegetables for noodles or chopped up cauliflower for rice or potatoes, I find it useful to look up precisely how many carbs are in these vegetables. Sometimes I’ve been quite surprised! My preconception of how carb-tastic (or not) a particular vegetable may be sometimes takes me by surprise.

VegetablesIt started when I picked up a small sack of sweet potatoes, intending to spiralize them into lower-carb noodles for serving with a favorite cheese sauce. I was right at the start of my new low-carb diet, and I was excited and proud of myself for finding a great compromise: a vegetable I really liked to substitute for the pasta I was craving. Just out of curiosity, though, I looked up sweet potato nutritional facts… as it turned out they are LOWER-carb, but actually not that far away from pasta itself.

As I continue to look up various vegetables and other foods, I find myself back-tracking a lot (“… wait, what was the carb count on that again?”), so I’ve decided to make a compendium. I make no claims to super accuracy here; this compendium is just the result of my casual research on Google, and when necessary, other nutritional info and calories counting sites. If anyone begs to differ on any of these items, by all means, let me know and send me some more reliable research.

In this compendium, I use as my baseline 100g of each food item. I have found it very enlightening to equalize the amounts of each item, since the serving sizes many nutritional charts use vary widely from food to food. I want to know how the EXACT SAME amount compares. I also like to use 100g, because the carb counts are also listed in grams, so mathematically it boils down to a percentage. It helps me to consider what percentage of any food is carbs for purposes of comparison/contrast.

Finally, I’ve also included the calorie count for the same amount of each item (yes, calories, I unfortunately haven’t forgotten about you completely… sigh…). Some foods, it turns out, may not be so far away in carb content, but have a bigger deficit in calories. Butternut squash vs. white potatoes, for instance. They aren’t miles away in carb count, but the calorie difference is quite a gulf! I’m going to start this compendium as a scaling list from low to high, but I hope eventually to duplicate it in alphabetical order, as well.


100g lettuce 2.9g 1.3g 1.6g 15
100g celery 3g 1.6g 1.4g 16
100g zucchini 3.1g 1g 2.1g 17
100g yellow summer squash 3.3g 1.1g 2.2g 16
100g white mushrooms 3.3g 1g 2.3g 22
100g radish 3.4g 1.6g 1.8g 16
100g cucumber 3.6g 0.6g 3g 16
100g spinach 3.6g 2.2g 1.4g 23
100g calabash bottle gourd 3.7g 0.5g 3.2g 15
100g tomato 3.9g 1.2g 2.7g 18
100g asparagus 3.9g 2.1g 1.8g 20
100g portobello mushroom 3.9g 1.3g 2.6g 22
100g daikon radish 4.1g 1.6g 2.5g 18
100g bell pepper 4.6g 1.7g 2.9g 20
100g cauliflower 5g 2g 3g 25
100g eggplant 6g 3g 3g 25
100g cabbage 6g 2.5g 3.5g 25
100g kohlrabi 6g 3.6g 2.4g 27
100g turnips 6g 1.8g 4.2g 28
100g pumpkin 6g 0.5g 5.5g 26
100g green beans 7g 3.4g 3.6g 31
100g scallion 7g 2.6g 4.4g 32
100g broccoli 7g 2.6g 4.4g 34
100g strawberries 8g 2g 6g 33
100g onion 9g 1.7g 7.3g 40
100g brussel sprouts 9g 3.8g 5.2g 43
100g rutabaga 9g 2.3g 6.7g 38
100g delicata squash 9g 4g 5g 40
100g acorn squash 10g 1.5g 8.5g 40
100g blackberries 10g 5g 5g 43
100g carrot 10g 2.8g 7.2g 41
100g beetroot 10g 2.8g 7.2g 43
100g edamame, cooked 10g 5g 5g 122
100g butternut squash 12g 2g 10g 45
100g kabocha squash 13g 3.6g 9.4g 60
100g apples 14g 2.4g 11.6g 52
100g blueberries 14g 2.4g 11.6g 57
100g peas 14g 5g 9g 81
100g pears 15g 3.1g 11.9g 57
100g coconut 15g 9g 6g 354
100g peanuts 16g 8g 8g 567
100g shallot 17g 3.2g 13.8g 72
100g white potato 17g 2.2g 14.8g 77
100g parsnip 18g 4.9g 13.1g 75
100g ginger 18g 2g 16g 80
100g fava beans, raw 18g 8g 10g 88
100g sweet corn 19g 2.7g 16.3g 86
100g sweet potato 20g 3g 17g 86
100g black beans, cooked 24g 8g 16g 130
100g cooked pasta 25g 25g 131
100g garbanzo beans, cooked 27g 8g 19g 164
100g yams 28g 4g 24g 118
100g white rice, cooked 28g 0.4g 27.6g 130

Am I missing something? I wracked my brain for as many vegetables as I could think of, plus a few other things for comparison, but if there’s anything I forgot, I’m happy to add it. Let me know in the comments section and I’ll add in a detail line.