The craft room challenge

So, I had originally started to write a blog about movies. One of my favorite things in life, but, often I would leave the theater and not know what to write other than- “the Hobbit, brilliant but better in 2d or Life of Pi- absolutely astonishing”. Some reviewer I turned out to be.
But yesterday while my family and friends were all enjoying the holiday I was arriving at a horrible conclusion about my life. I am in my 30’s with an awful job, no future job prospects despite my education and lots of work experience, and single. So while every other person I know (at least it seems like) was getting engaged or announcing a pregnancy I was at home being reminded of how utterly worthless I truely am. Despite my large home that I love, 2 dogs that I claim to hate, 2 paid off vehicles, and my horse Klondike I was utterly depressed with my life. So having sat down with a very tasty glass of warm rum cider and one of my favorite movies- Julie & Julia I decided that like Amy Adams’

character I also need something to keep me focused through this coming year. I thought for a while before realizing that the answer lied in the disaster I call a craft room. Within its’ walls lie countless started projects withering away in various states finishedness. Quilts, sweaters, needlework, scrapbooks, you name it and there it is. I have decided to finish these poor lost projects even if they are items I no longer find appealing- yes, sweater I started when I was skinnier and still marginally attractive I’m speaking of you. I will of course keep all (if any) readers up to date with pictures. Please also keep in mind that if you see something you find appealing make me an offer- there is a good chance it could become yours.

For years I have dreamed of having my very own fibrous, sparkly, ecclectic craft store where I could enjoy my work and teach others for a living and who knows maybe this could be the road that leads to my dream… So please share it out and help me stay motivated to finish all these things!